Nonprofit Resources

Whether you are a nonprofit with a fund at Montana Community Foundation or simply a beneficiary of a fund, this is your go-to resource for information.

Annual Distribution Process

Annual Distributions are paid out each spring from qualifying endowment funds at Montana Community Foundation (MCF) to benefiting nonprofits. Below you will find information about the 2023 distribution cycle for the three different types of endowment funds at MCF.

Donor Portal

The MCF Fundholder Portal gives 24/7 access to nonprofit fund holders at MCF to view fund information.

For questions and issues accessing the portal, please contact Cathy Cooney at (406) 441-4954 or

Note: If your organization is simply a beneficiary of a fund or funds at MCF, you will not have access to the fundholder portal and fund information.

Access our online fundholder portal to view your fund information.

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For additional help, questions or comments, contact Cathy Cooney, Director, Donor Services.