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Duane Kurokawa

(Wolf Point)

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Duane Kurokawa is the President of the Western Bank of Wolf Point, where he has served in a variety of positions, starting as a teller, since 1979. Duane completed some coursework at the University of Montana and attended the National Commercial School in Norman, Oklahoma. He then went on to attend the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin, where he graduated in 1992.

Duane is a past Wolf Point City Alderman and Chamber of Commerce Director. Additionally, he is Director of the Greater Northern Development Corporation, which currently serves 6 counties in Northeast Montana. He was member of the original Montana Microbusiness Council and Montana Department of Transportation Study Commission. He served as the Director of the Helena Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Board of Directors from 2012-2017.

Duane was born and raised in Wolf Point, Montana and currently lives there with his wife, Rosie. He has two children and two grandchildren.

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