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Jen Euell

Program Director, Women's Foundation of Montana

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When she joined MCF:
June 2011

Where she’s from:
Billings, Montana

What she does:
Jen is the Program Director of the Women's Foundation of Montana and is passionate about its mission to build economic self-sufficiency for Montana women and create a brighter future for Montana girls.

What she did:
She is the co-founder of the GUTS! (Girls Using Their Strengths) girls' leadership project and the former Program Director of the YWCA Missoula.

What the fancy stuff on her wall is:
Jen has bachelor degrees in Journalism and Social Work, as well as master's degrees in Social Work and Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.

Favorite place in Montana:
Love the mountains…hard to say which the most. Probably the Missions?

If she had to choose another profession:
Entrepreneur, Writer

Something most people don’t know about her:
I worked on Alaskan fishing boats for several years to put myself through college. My dad is a cowboy whose rodeo name was Rubie Euell the Jordan Jewel.

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