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Jon Rutt


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Jon Rutt is a licensed Water Treatment Plant Operator. He and his wife Nancy owned and operated AQUA Systems of Montana for 37 years, providing residential and commercial water treatment services in the Laurel and Billings area. They sold the business in 2018 but Jon still works as a consultant, specializing in commercial, industrial and medical water treatment. Nancy and Jon also own a car wash in Laurel.

Jon is a founding member of the Laurel Montana Community Foundation, formed in 2015, and currently serves as Chairman. He is a long-time Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow.

Jon is a 5th generation Montanan, born in Billings, and has lived and worked in Laurel all his adult life. Jon has three children and five grandchildren. He has been married to Nancy for 40 years and enjoys riding his motorcycle throughout Montana.

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