Tax Base Supplement Grant

The Tax Base Supplement Grant helps fund potential tax revenue shortfalls due to the closures of the Colstrip power plants. This grant can also be used to offset potential tax increases in Colstrip and Rosebud County.

To be eligible for this grant, a taxing district (or city and county government) must show that they have been “impacted” by a power plant closure and it has directly affected the taxing revenues. Funds may NOT be used for special projects outside our normal yearly operating budgets.

You may submit your grant application online using the MCF grant portal. After your completed application is received, the Committee will review the application. At that point, more information may be requested from you.

The Committee will notify you of their decision as soon as possible. There is no guarantee that every proposal will be funded, or that you will receive the full amount you requested.

Grant Guidelines

To meet the guidelines for this grant opportunity the following guidelines are in place.

  • Grants will only be considered if the tax district, City of Colstrip or Rosebud County, has been directly impacted by the plant closures.
  • Grants are intended to help make up for tax revenue shortfalls and help relieve the increase to the taxpayers.
  • Grants are intended to help continue to provide existing services to the residents of the taxing entity.
  • Grants ARE NOT intended to fund “wish list” projects.
  • Grants are intended to help taxing bodies maintain their current services and not to add new ones.
  • Grants should be coordinated with other forms of relief, such as budget cuts and reserve money.