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With our commitment to donor service, a track record of sound investment strategy, and a dedicated staff of professionals, the Montana Community Foundation has become the "go-to" place for philanthropy in Montana. Through the power of permanently endowed funds, we help people achieve their philanthropic goals and nonprofit organizations establish stable incomes to support their efforts.

Ways to Give

We can help you find the best way to give to the causes and charities you care about. We ensure your giving is effective, impactful, and meets your financial needs and goals by taking advantage of things like the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

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Help Montana Be the Last Best Place for Generations to Come

Your giving can make a lasting impact in Montana by helping to keep wealth in Montana. An unprecedented transfer of wealth is occurring and capturing just a small percentage of that wealth in endowed funds can make a big difference for Montana's future.

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Whether you know exactly how you would like to give and to whom, or are simply interested in exploring your charitable options, we are here to help.