Bob and Tomi Rickels Life Celebration Fund

Honoring a Legacy

The Bob and Tomi Rickels Life Celebration Fund was established by their children to honor and perpetuate the loving legacy left by their beloved parents, who lived lives filled with wisdom and purpose. This fund aims to provide support in various areas, including education, particularly focusing on the intersections of arts and outdoor/environmental initiatives.

The fund seeks to contribute to projects and events within visual arts, with a special emphasis on works inspired by or originating from Montana. Additionally, the fund intends to foster appreciation for early European classical and Christian music traditions, especially within Lutheran contexts, as well as support endeavors related to international folk and traditional dance and music.

Through these pursuits, the fund endeavors to preserve and promote the values and passions dear to the hearts of Bob and Tomi Rickels.

Celebrate Bob and Tomi with a gift to their fund.

Bob and Tomi Rickels: A Legacy of Faith, Art, and Adventure

Bob Rickels was a multifaceted individual, renowned as a teacher, artist, musician, and outdoorsman. He pursued higher education at institutions such as the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and the University of Montana, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree. Much of his career was spent as a professor at Concordia College in Minnesota, where he imparted his knowledge in art education, studio art, and art history. Throughout his life, Bob remained deeply connected to Montana, where he found inspiration for his artwork and cherished outdoor activities. His artistic endeavors spanned various mediums, including ceramics, drawing, silverwork, and mosaic, reflecting his profound appreciation for the natural world.

Tomi Rickels, a former star athlete and wireless instructor during World War II, defied societal norms and pursued a career in physical education. She met Bob while both were pursuing further education at the University of Montana, eventually marrying and settling in Montana after retirement. Tomi's legacy extends beyond her athletic achievements; she was admired for her determination, intelligence, and grace. Together, Bob and Tomi enriched the lives of those around them with their kindness, encouragement, and love, leaving behind a legacy that celebrates the beauty of life and the pursuit of one's passions.

More About Bob and Tomi

Bob Rickels, a respected teacher and artist, and his wife Tomi, a trailblazing athlete and educator, shared a deep love for Montana and the outdoors. Bob's artistic talents flourished through various mediums, while Tomi's resilience and grace defied societal expectations. Together, they enriched the lives of others through kindness and encouragement, leaving behind a legacy that celebrates the beauty of life and the pursuit of passions.