Types of Funds

There are a variety of fund types to suit your philanthropic goals and to help you support the causes close to your heart.

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You are fully involved in each step of the giving process. You recommend the charitable organization, the amount, and timing of the grants. We handle the administrative duties, issue the grant awards, and provide staff assistance with a range of donor services. You can also name a successor to carry on your charitable giving.

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Choose one or more specific charitable organization(s) to support for a set period of time or in perpetuity. Should the designated organization, or the purpose it served, cease to exist, the fund’s income is redirected to maintain your charitable intent.

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An individual, family, business, or organization can establish a scholarship. You create the selection guidelines and we identify eligible applicants, distribute the scholarships, manage all paperwork and documentation, and ensure students continue to meet the criteria once enrolled in college.

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Nonprofits can choose to establish a designated fund for their organization to create a reliable, enduring source of income for their organization and provide their donors with the opportunity to invest in the long-term viability of the organization while also taking advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Support a broad area of charitable purposes, such as the arts, education, rural sustainability, animal welfare, or other area. Funds are not tied to a specific charity. We fund the most effective organizations that serve your chosen area of interest.

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The Montana Community Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor and financial administrator for a number of funds that have been specifically established as temporary funds for a unique purpose.

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The Power of Endowments

We focus on the power of permanently endowed funds to make a lasting impact on Montana communities and the causes you care about. We take a thoughtful approach toward the investment and management of these funds to help ensure a strong future for Montana and the nonprofit organizations they support.

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