Landon Hull Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

To support Montana students seeking a degree in psychology or counseling, or enrolled in the WWAMI Medical Education program studying medicine with the intent to practice psychiatry.

Landon's Story

Landon Hull was studying Psychology as a freshman at Montana State University when he died by suicide on November 6, 2022—just 5 days past his 18th birthday.

Many of his friends, teachers, teammates, and acquaintances knew Landon as funny, creative, empathetic, gregarious, energetic, and bold. He was an Eagle Scout, a master Lego builder, an avid mountain bike rider and racer, a burgeoning musician, and a loyal friend and confidant.

Despite the many beautiful qualities that Landon possessed, he also struggled immensely. Diagnosed at a young age with ADHD, learning differences, anxiety, and depression, his mental health struggles worsened in adolescence. By high school, Landon was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. As his mental health worsened, he tried to cope by numbing his struggles through substance use.

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Landon's Story Continued

Landon spent much of the last year of his life away from home in treatment—working hard to understand and overcome his challenges. Sending Landon out of state for the care he needed was heartbreaking for his family, but the significant lack of mental health care resources near home offered little choice.

After finishing high school a year early and completing his treatment program, Landon returned home and enrolled in Montana State University. His goal was to earn his counseling degree and go on to work with people like him: wonderful kids with significant struggles who need loving, empathetic guides to help them find their way. But a series of relapses challenged that path, and Landon lost his battle with mental illness just when it seemed he was winning.

If you are in crisis and want help

Call the Montana Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline, 24/7, at 988 or by texting “MT” to 741741.

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