Montana Legacy Society

Your Legacy Starts Here.

The Montana Legacy Society

Leave a lasting legacy for generations to come through a Montana Legacy Society membership. 

Your remarkable generosity to Montana will be recognized through membership in the Montana Legacy Society, which honors and celebrates those who have chosen to make a lasting commitment to Montana by including any fund at the Montana Community Foundation in their will or estate plan. Members of the Montana Legacy Society inspire others to do the same.

If you have already included MCF or a fund we hold in your estate plan, please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you to the Montana Legacy Society.

Benefits of Membership

To show our sincere appreciation for all those who have chosen to support Montana through our legacy society, we offer lifetime benefits that include:

  • Opportunity to tell your story about the legacy you want to leave
  • Recognition in print and electronic communications
  • Invitations to special events

We are here to help you create your legacy

Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch

A shared legacy of helping others. 

The Nep and Mary Ellen Lynch Trade Scholarship exemplifies the spirit of the Montana Legacy Society. This scholarship supports Montana students pursuing education at accredited trade schools, ensuring that both organizations and students benefit from this enduring generosity.

You Can Preserve What You Love About Montana Through a Legacy Gift

We are all about Montana’s future and want to inspire giving for the good of Montana forever. By entrusting the Montana Community Foundation with your legacy gift, you can be sure your gift will make a meaningful and permanent impact in Montana communities for the causes you care about.

Making a gift in your estate plan to benefit Montana is one of the most common ways to make a lasting difference for your community and for the countless Montanans who will call Montana home.

It starts by making a provision in your will or estate plan of your intentions to leave assets to the Montana Community Foundation.

Legacy Society Members

Our list continues to grow of individuals across Montana who wish to make a permanent, positive impact across our state.

Montana Legacy Society Membership

  • Ginny Abbott
  • Theresa Louise Ambuel*
  • Charles L. and Polly Anceney*
  • Walter and Elaine Anderson*
  • Walter and Elaine Anderson*
  • Donald J. Baker*
  • Jean Fallan Barrett*
  • Laura G. Barrett*
  • Lon Bechtel
  • Joan K. Bennett*
  • Alan and Janette Blackburn*
  • Constance C. Blackwood & Larry Blackwood
  • Franklin Davy Bland*
  • Harry Bowers Jr.*
  • Nancy H. Brown
  • Richard and Heather Carosone
  • Hulda and Sam Clark*
  • Amanda L. Coker
  • Ellen Coker
  • Cathy and Ned Cooney
  • John S. & Elaine Cuklanz Cowan*
  • Louise A. Dean*
  • Bernice Wallace DeHaas*
  • Karl I. and Margaret Deshler*
  • Alleyne W. DeVeber*
  • Jo Ann Eder
  • Russel & Dorothy Erickson*
  • Carl B. Field*
  • Stephen M. Frankino*
  • C.L. "Gil" Gilbertson*
  • Lynn Ellen Gossett
  • Dawn Hammermeister
  • Earl E. and Marjorie L. Hanes*
  • Jane G. Hibbard*
  • Marie M. Hinchcliff*
  • Joan Treacy Holter*
  • Ripley Schemm Hugo*
  • Barbara J. Hunter*
  • Charles M. Jarecki & Henrietta M. Jarecki
  • Albin H. and Evelyn B. Johnson*
  • Michael Keith*
  • John Markel "Mark" Kelly*
  • George Kent*
  • Dorothy M. Kienenberger*
  • Curtis F. Kiniken*
  • Louis F. Kinney*
  • Bill Kitterman*
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Korenberg
  • Eveline B. and Joseph Kyle*
  • Roland and Helen Lapee*
  • Ms. Sol Lovas
  • Fr. Jeremiah Lowney*
  • Nep* and Mary Ellen* Lynch
  • Mardele L. Maryott*
  • Char Matejovsky
  • Judith Matthews*
  • Daniel N. McLean & Marcia McLean
  • Kay McMillan*
  • Ann Mickelson*
  • Shirley McShane Miller*
  • Robert Walter Moran*
  • Norma Watson O'Laughlin*
  • Edna C. Olson*
  • Teresa O'Neill
  • Ursula H. Pappas
  • Robert G. Pedersen*
  • William B. Pratt
  • Virginia C. Reed*
  • Madge T. Reiland*
  • Mary and John Rutherford
  • Leonard "Len" Sargent*
  • Dr. Elliott J. Schaffer, Ph.D.*
  • Melvin "Swede" Schlesinger*
  • John Schumacher*
  • Meredith B. Sheane*
  • Arne* & Steffi Siegel
  • Jonathan A. & Camila C. Skinner
  • Ben Smith and Lorraine Lake-Smith*
  • Oleta "Pete" Smith*
  • Owen Evans Sowerwine*
  • Mabel L. Redding Staehnke*
  • Dean and Connie Studer*
  • Margaret Sullivan*
  • Pamela Jo Sveinson
  • Jim & Margie Thompson
  • George and Emily Vucanovich*
  • Aldo Wolff*
  • Dale R. Woolhiser & Nancy D. Thompson
  • T. Eugene Young*
  • Melody* and Richard Zajdel
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We're Here to Help

For additional help, questions or comments, contact Jessica Stewart-Kuntz, Vice President of Philanthropy.