Nita Creach Scholarship Fund

Celebrating the life and legacy of Nita Creach

About Nita Creach

Nita’s infectious laughter and impactful work with Capital High School youth left a beacon of light for all in the Helena community. She worked for 21 years at Capital High School in the Credit Recovery classes, inspiring countless youth to graduate high school and make positive choices in their lives. She refused to give up on her students, no matter the struggle and continued to support them far beyond the classroom. Nita always believed you were capable of far more than you realized.

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The Creach Family established this scholarship fund at the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) to annually provide a scholarship for students in Credit Recovery classes at Capital High School in Helena who are pursuing any type of career advancement program. The scholarship aims to nurture diverse career aspirations such as skilled trades, vocational training, acting or the arts, animal care or equestrian pursuits, martial arts, or higher education.