Economic Development Grant

Economic Development Grant

The economic development grants are for existing and startup businesses seeking funding to increase economic growth and development in the community.

The Colstrip Impacts Foundation will fund projects that:

  • Propose ways to address community and economic issues.
  • Leverage other sources of support.
  • Are creative in the approach to solving problems.
  • Support innovative approaches to community or economic development.

Examples of what the Economic Development Grant will fund include:

  • Businesses expansion.
  • Business sustainability (allow business to stay open).
  • Startup business ventures.
  • Job creation or retention.

The Foundation will not fund:

  • Businesses not located in Colstrip (within 10 miles of city limits) or intend to move out of the community.
  • Businesses without other investments.
  • Religious or sectarian programs or projects.
  • One-time events (example: parties, celebrations, social gatherings).
  • Debt coverage.
  • Applications from Colstrip Impacts Foundation committee members or immediate family members of committee members.

How to Apply

  • Apply online using the MCF grant portal.
  • Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by a review committee that will notify you of its decision.