Keep Wealth in Montana

$123 billion. That is the estimated 50-year wealth transfer from one generation to the next in Montana, between 2010 and 2060.

Imagine what we could accomplish.

By capturing just 5% of Montana's $123 billion predicted wealth transfer in permanent endowments that benefit local communities, Montana would have a collective endowment worth $6.1 billion.

Here in Montana, we've seen the effect of wealth leaving our state. Communities have lost services, seen local businesses shut down, and watched as children move away. Year after year it becomes more difficult to support local parks, churches, youth and senior centers, theaters and symphonies, museums, and more.

This trend doesn't have to continue though. Here at the Montana Community Foundation, we help build permanent wealth to invest in Montana communities, and the nonprofit organizations that make our towns the places we love to call home.

The transfer of wealth is happening every day. It's happening right now.

"Our communities are who we are. Anything we can do to keep wealth in Montana is good for all of us."

- Dale Woolhiser, MCF Board Member