Economic Development and Community Organizations Grant

The Economic Development and Community Organization grant supports economic development efforts and local community organizations. The Colstrip Impacts Foundation believes that economic development should be viewed as proactive, focused on community growth and job retention. Therefore businesses that apply for funds for economic development will not necessarily need to show an impact. The Colstrip community, in general is impacted, and any business or non-profits that want to come to Colstrip or stay in Colstrip will be considered eligible.

You may submit your grant application online using the MCF grant portal. After your completed application is received, the Committee will review the applications. At that point, they may request more information from you.

The Committee will notify you of their decision as soon as possible. There is no guarantee that every proposal will be funded, or that you will receive the full amount you requested. If you receive a grant, you agree to submit a final report within 60 days after the completion of the project or program for which you received the funding.

Grant & Loan Guidelines

  • Geographic location: Eligible businesses and organizations must be located in or within a 10-mile radius of the Colstrip city limits.

  • Grant requests for projects and/or programs that are consistent with the vision and mission of the Colstrip Impacts Foundation are encouraged:
    • Propose ways to address community and economic issues
    • Leverage other sources of support
    • Are creative in the approach to solving problems or capturing opportunities
    • Support innovative approaches to community or economic development
  • Examples of what this group will fund:
    • Small Grants
    • Fund matching for community and economic activity
  • What will not be funded:
    • Religious or sectarian programs or projects
    • One-time events (example: parties, celebrations, social gatherings)

How to Apply

  • Apply online using the MCF grant portal. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.