The Montana Mental Health Access Fund

Montana has one of the highest suicide rates in the country while accessing mental health services across the state remains a challenge for many.

The Montana Mental Health Access Fund will leverage technology and other resources to increase access to mental health services to every corner of Montana.

Nonprofit mental health providers, like primary care clinics and mental health centers, will be eligible to apply for grant funding.

The grant cycle will open starting November 1, 2021.

Grants from the fund will help offset the cost of using technology, such as telepsychiatry, among other services, that are proven to increase access to mental health services.

About the Montana Mental Health Access Fund

The fund was established at MCF by Frontier Psychiatry, a Montana-based telepsychiatry service, through a $150,000 grant from AMB Philanthropies. This initial gift helps seed the fund and will provide mental health support to children and adolescents living on the Crow, Flathead, and Fort Peck Indian reservations, which are faced with ever-increasing mental health challenges. Additional contributions to the fund will further the impact of the fund to provide grant support to all Montana communities that lack access to psychiatric care.

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We're Here to Help

For additional help, questions or comments, contact Elisa Fiaschetti, Grantmaking Program Officer.