Jefferson Valley Community Foundation

About the Foundation

Jefferson Valley Community Foundation is a private, grassroots, hometown, permanent foundation to ensure that there will be a source of income now and in the future. This income will fund worthwhile community projects that improve the quality of life for the greater Whitehall area citizens.

We are the trust fund for the future.

Mission Statement: The Jefferson Valley Community Foundation is a philanthropic foundation committed to building an endowment to benefit the Whitehall community; building for future generations by giving today.

Values Statement: The Jefferson Valley Community Foundation Values: Impeccable stewardship of funds, Broad support from community members, Positive long-term impacts, Sustainability, and Quality of life.


Our community foundation was established in 2001 as an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation for the purpose of building a permanent endowment fund for the greater Whitehall area. We received our own 501(c)(3) in 2014 retroactive to 2013.

The Jefferson Valley Community Foundation invites you to join others who care about the extended Whitehall community to continue to build this permanent resource for its future through endowed philanthropy. Whatever your preference, your contribution will make a larger impact when pooled with others.

Your contribution has a lasting legacy forever.


Shannon Smith, Chairperson
John Kreis, Co-Chairperson
Tim Mulligan, Treasurer
Jeannie Ferriss, Financial Secretary
Michelle Johnson, Secretary
Kent Smith
Kristine Murphy

Good Works

Since its inception, the JVCF has granted almost $220,000 to local nonprofits to assure their success and the success of their essential projects. The JVCF has made grants to over 50 organizations including:

  • Whitehall Community Library
  • Whitehall Chamber of Commerce
  • Gold Junction Presents
  • Pool Pals
  • Jefferson Valley Museum
  • Whitehall Booster Club
  • Whitehall Veterans
  • Whitehall Public Transportation
  • Liberty Place
  • Whitehall Community Center
  • Whitehall Food Pantry
  • Whitehall Schools
  • Cardwell School
  • Town of Whitehall
  • Whitehall Garden Club
  • JVEMS/P.U.L.S.E.
  • Jefferson Valley Search and Rescue
  • Jefferson Valley Rural Fire District

Additionally, the JVCF has served as a Fiscal Sponsor for Whitehall Chamber of Commerce community projects, the Gold Junction Presents start-up, and the Whitehall Mural Restoration Project increasing their opportunity for success by assuring that contributions to these organizations' activities would be tax deductible.

How To Give

  • Send checks to:
    Jefferson Valley Community Foundation
    PO Box 144
    Whitehall, MT 59759

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