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Is giving through the Montana Community Foundation right for your clients?

Your clients would benefit from knowing more about giving at the Montana Community Foundation if they care deeply about their community and:

  • want to give to more than one charitable cause
  • are interested in creating a personal or family legacy where they live
  • are considering creating a private foundation but are concerned about the administrative complexity
  • would like to stay personally involved in use of their gift dollars
  • want to receive maximum tax benefit for their charitable contributions under state and federal law

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Partners for Montana's Future

Through Montana Community Foundation’s Partners for Montana’s Future (PMF) program, we offer you ways to remain involved in your client’s charitable wishes and maintain investment advisory capacity over the assets. If you have clients who are philanthropically minded, our PMF program is a great way for you to help ensure their charitable goals are met while retaining those assets in your investment portfolio.

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Meet Mark Meissner, Sales Associate, at ERA Landmark Real Estate.

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Do you have a client who has expressed an interest in charitable giving?

Please contact us and we will help you through the process. It won’t take long, but the benefits will last a lifetime.