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Alison Munson

Database Manager

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When she joined MCF:
April 2019

Where she’s from:
Billings, Montana

What she does:
Alison is responsible for the Foundation's database management, growth, and maintenance.

What she did:
Alison was the Executive Director of the United Way of the Lewis & Clark Area.

What the fancy stuff on her wall is:
Alison has a project management certification and many years of database management experience.

Favorite place in Montana:

I'm going to say my camper. It goes to all the mountainous places I love.

If she had to choose another profession:
I am actually exactly where I want to be.

Something most people don’t know about her:
I can sit and watch calves play in a field for hours. I find it to be the most relaxing and fun activity during the spring. It makes my heart swell and brings a smile to my face.

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