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Kacie Tollefson


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When she joined MCF:
September 2016

Where she’s from:
Malta, Montana

What she does:
Kacie is the Controller and manages the assets of the foundation while maintaining proper financial tracking and reporting within accounting, IRS and legal requirements.

What she did:
Kacie was in public accounting for 15 years. She started her professional career at Gary McGee & Company in Portland, OR for a little over five years where she specialized in nonprofit audit and tax. Kacie then moved to Coeur d’Alene, ID and worked for Magnuson, McHugh & Company performing nonprofit and governmental audits. During her time in Coeur d’Alene, she also served as a member and the Treasurer of the Idaho Panhandle Kiwanis, and as a member and Chair of the Audit committee for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

What the fancy stuff on her wall is:
Kacie has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Administration with emphases in Finance and Management from Carroll College.

Favorite place in Montana:
Malta and Helena - my two "hometowns."

If she had to choose another profession:
I would have been either a chiropractor or possibly a pharmacist. Both professions just seemed interesting to me.

Something most people don’t know about her:
My high school burned down my senior year.

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