LCF+ Incentive Program


In January 2024, the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) is launching an incentive program to encourage Local Community Foundations (LCFs) to grow their unrestricted endowed assets. The LCF+ Incentive Program will allow LCFs to invest additional funds within their communities to make an impact now and in the future. Over the course of the LCF+ Incentive Program, MCF will distribute over $1 million to LCFs across Montana.

Eligible LCFs:

LCFs that have 100% of their endowed assets with MCF are eligible for the LCF+ Incentive Program. This includes LCF Affiliates that are under MCF’s 501(c)(3) status and LCFs that are not. In addition, this includes LCFs that are established during the incentive period.

Participation Requirements:

Fundraising Parameters:

Only funds raised for an LCF’s unrestricted endowment with MCF count towards the LCF+ Incentive Program. Other funds, such as those raised for immediate grantmaking, will not count. In addition, LCFs must raise funds from more than one donor to demonstrate a broad base of community support.

The following list provides information and details on the gifts that will count for the LCF+ Incentive Program:

  • Cash, checks, and credit cards
    • Recorded at the value and date MCF processes the gift
  • Publicly traded stock
    • Recorded at the median value on the day ownership transfers to MCF
  • Real property (land, natural resources, and permanent buildings)
    • Valued based on appraised value when transfer of ownership takes place and property must have a clear title
  • Gifts from Donor Advised Funds (DAF)
    • Recorded at the full value of the gift received to the LCF’s endowment
  • Realized bequests
    • Recorded at the dollar amount realized from the donor up to $100,000
  • Deferred Gift Annuity (DGA)
    • Recorded at 50% of total DGA value when the DGA is executed and the LCF’s unrestricted endowment is named as the sole beneficiary
  • Other gifts types may be considered on a case by case basis

LCF+ Toolkit

Introducing the LCF+ Toolkit, for Local Community Foundations participating in the LCF+ Incentive Program. This toolkit offers essential documents, templates, and social media posts to help streamline your communications and boost community impact.

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