Short on time? Pay it Forward in Two Easy Steps

March 06, 2017

By Jillian Johnsrud, Kalispell When the news starts to feel overwhelming, I try to focus on the work right in front of me. How can I make a difference right here, right now? How can we, as women, help pay it forward to help empower other women? On any given day there are a dozen tasks on my plate. Clients, work, passions projects, home renovation and my five little kids all need a little bit of my time and attention. Here are two simple ways I try to pay it forward. 1. Be a connector We might not be able to move the needle for another person, but maybe we know someone who can. We can try to help connect people. I was having coffee with a well known author last week and made sure to mention the new book my friend has coming out and the amazing work she has done in that same field. It only takes a few minutes to help connect others. In the same vein, we can promote the great work others are doing. In person, on social media, on our platforms, or in our circles of influence. When we see other women doing great things, we can take a little bit of time to share that. Just the encouragement from that endorsement can be so meaningful. 2. Give 1 hour a week I know how full our lives can be. Crazy full. I remember the first time I realized I could just take twenty minutes and Skye with people in my field all around the country. Other freelancers, writers, platform builders. Other women who are building and creating things. Now I carve out an hour every week to build relationships or help others. I make time for other women who have questions about their financial lives and goals. I can take 30 minutes to help explain how to create long-term financial goals. I can Skype with a woman to help her figure out how to roll over her 401K, or how much she needs to be saving for retirement. We might not always have time to get together for a long lunch. Instead, maybe, we can take an hour to Skype with two people to build relationships or help give them some direction. PowerHouse is an amazing resource. You can get to know other women and help form connections. You can find people who can offer some direction in your field. You can offer to help others. Sometimes all we need is a 30 minute Skype call to give someone a bit of direction and pay it forward. Jillian Johnsrud is a writer, speaker and that strange friend who loves to talk about money. She has traveled through 27 countries, adopted 4 kids, had 2 bio kids, lived abroad, bought and renovated 3 homes, all while being married to her best friend for almost 15 years. She enjoys books, hot tea, and growing Brandywine tomatoes. You will find her at Montana Money Adventures where she talks about creating financial freedom, adventure, and generous living.