Tips and Tricks for Staying Grounded in Your Community as a Remote Worker

December 18, 2018

By Gallatin PowerHouse, Lila Fleishman

For some remote work is a ticket to freedom, constant travel, and #vanlife but I have found a reliable internet connection and quiet space can have its advantages for putting the “work” into “remote work.” So, if you’re like me and telecommute but are not quite living the digital nomad lifestyle so frequently covered in popular media, read on.

Research shows that being a part of a community makes people happier and increases life satisfaction. Since happier people are also better at their jobs, keeping yourself happy might be the trick to a sustainable remote lifestyle. Without the built-in network of in-person colleagues, we remote workers might need to reach out a little further, here are my tips for getting involved. Without a few strategies in place during the dark winter months, we accidentally forget to leave the house for a few days, or is that just me?

  • Volunteering is a great way to meet people of all ages, learn a new skill or take a leadership role in your community. Give back that time you saved not commuting.
  • This one might be obvious but if you work from your home make sure you’re scheduling enough time to get out of the house. If you need incentives, try joining a gym, sports team, religious group or maybe just let your dog hold you accountable.
  • Don’t work from home! Mix it up with visits to local coffee shops, try the library or check out a coworking space.
  • While you're out of the house, shopping local and resisting the urge to order everything online helps build a sense of community.

Join a social group or meet up with other remote workers, if you’re in Bozeman join the BozemanArea Remote/Freelance Facebook group for happy hours, job listings and advice.