Keep Wealth in Montana

$37 Billion will transfer from one generation to the next in Montana between 2020 and 2030

Transfer of Wealth Study

In 2022, we completed a Transfer of Wealth Study for Montana which estimated that $37 billion will transfer from one Montana generation to the next by 2030. You can read the full report and technical findings by clicking this link.

This presents a unique opportunity to set aside a portion of this wealth to support the Montana communities we love.

*Using a 4.5% payout assumption

What is a Transfer of Wealth Study?

A Transfer of Wealth study provides an estimate of the total household wealth that will transfer from one generation to the next over a 10-year period.

What the Study Told Us

  • Montana’s total wealth is $290 billion.
  • Over the next 10 years, $37 billion will transfer from one generation to the next in Montana.
  • If 5% of that $37 billion was endowed, $1.85 billion would forever benefit Montana’s charitable organizations, schools, and communities.
  • $1.85 billion in endowments would generate $83 million annually, forever, to provide reliable support.

Think Local

Explore the interactive map above to see how each county could benefit.

Why this Matters

Montana needs these assets. Healthy and vibrant places take investment in schools, housing, main streets, businesses, hospitals, and much, much more. These endowments could ensure charitable organizations, schools, and communities have ongoing, reliable support.

Together we can create a culture of giving in Montana, putting those assets to work to promote economic vitality and community prosperity.

How to Take Advantage of This Opportunity

  • Montana has wealth. Dream big. Simply understanding the scale of Montana’s opportunity can help community members dream about what’s possible.
  • Many households have wealth. Engage all. Families of various incomes have something to contribute. It is important to have a broad-ranging outreach strategy that encourages meaningful engagement.
  • We can secure Montana’s future. Make a plan. Use this information to develop community legacy campaigns or inform donor development strategies. Having a strategic plan will help you better capture and reinvest wealth as it transfers.
  • The wealth is transferring now. Move quickly. Developing a strategy to retain just a portion of our state’s transfer of wealth needs to start now. Once this wealth transfers, it will be decades until it is available again for community giveback.

The transfer of wealth is happening every day. It's happening right now.