The Snow Bird Fund

The Snow Bird Fund directly supports community searches for missing indigenous women and girls in Montana.


Montana continues to face a devastating and often overlooked crisis. Each year, roughly 20 indigenous women and girls go missing in Montana. Compounding that problem are a lack of resources and jurisdictional issues, so cases often go cold, and families and communities are left to search for the loved ones they've lost. The missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW) epidemic, which has been a problem for decades, continues to spread across Montana Native communities and the Nation.

  • Montana currently ranks number five on the list of U.S. states that have the most MMIW cases.
  • Native Americans constitute 6.7% of the state population but account for 26% of Montana’s missing persons cases.
  • Approximately 84% of Native women across the United States experience violence throughout their lifetimes.

Support the Snow Bird Fund and help combat this growing crisis.

Help families find their loved ones.

One of the most direct and effective ways to assist Montana Native communities in this crisis is by supporting the families and community members looking for their loved ones. Searches can be costly and time-consuming, often depleting already limited resources. Montana Native communities face some of the highest poverty rates at 34% compared with the population at 13%.

The Snow Bird Fund directly supports Montana Native families conducting community searches by providing small grants to families or individuals leading the search for their missing loved ones.

Your gift to the Snow Bird Fund helps provide the resources individuals need to conduct a thorough search for their missing mother, daughter, auntie, niece, grandmother, or friend, such as:

  • Gas money, meals, and hotel stays as they search across the state
  • Phone payments
  • Conducting a targeted awareness campaign for their loved one
  • Hosting a community vigil
  • Tools, like metal detectors and drones

How to Give to the Fund

  • Mail checks to:
    Montana Community Foundation
    FBO Snow Bird Fund
    PO Box 1145
    Helena, MT 59624
  • Give online.
  • For wire transfer information, contact us. EIN: 81-0450150