Powell County Community Foundation


The mission of the Powell County Community Foundation (PCCF), an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation, is to develop a long-term funding source, by building their endowment and bringing in other funds, to assist local nonprofits as they carry out their missions and respond to new challenges.


The PCCF was established in 1999 to provide local nonprofit organizations in Powell County with a long-term funding source and secure and build endowed funds for the betterment of an area with limited financial resources and many needs.


  • Kirk Sandquist, President
  • Cheryl Sandquist, Vice President
  • Steve Owens, Secretary
  • Donald Beberniss
  • Beverly Beck
  • Gerald Bender
  • Claudia Dippold
  • MaryAnn Fraley

Good Works

PCCF brings money in from outside the county to re-grant while they are building their endowment until they can start making grants from their earnings. They have been able to assist a wide variety of organizations across the county and make a lasting impact in their community.

How To Give

The Powell County Foundation has a Permanent Endowment, which holds over $90,000. The principal will remain intact forever, and the earnings will be used by the local board for grants to nonprofits around Powell County.

One role of the Powell County Community Foundation is to bring grant funds from other sources into the area to supplement local efforts, grants which would not have been possible otherwise. We are especially grateful to the Montana Community Foundation and the Simperman-Corette Foundation for their support.

Individuals can support PCF by:

  • Sending donations to:
    Montana Community Foundation
    FBO Powell County Foundation
    PO Box 1145
    Helena, MT 59624
  • Donating online.

How To Receive

Grants are awarded to 501(c) 3 organizations, schools and government agencies in the broad areas of education, culture, community services, recreation, and economic development. Our annual grantmaking totals about $10,000 with most grants between $500-$1,500 and applications are reviewed by the local board. We have one or two granting cycles annually, with deadlines and information publicized in all local media.

For information about how to apply, contact Steve Owens at 406-846-3413 or Sowens48@hotmail.com.

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