Tobacco Valley Community Foundation


The Tobacco County Community Foundation (TVCF) is an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation and provides philanthropic services to the Lincoln Electric service area- West Kootenai, Eureka, Rexford, Trego, Fortine, and Stryker.

The TVCF is a steward through which private assets entrusted to us by donors are invested to meet the challenges of contemporary life. We are committed to respecting the trust and intent of our donors while maintaining our integrity and responsiveness as a community foundation.

We seek to protect and enhance the unique resources of the Tobacco Valley, its diversity of culture, its richness of artistic support for area citizens, and the beauty and quality of its land, air, and water—so that these resources may be enjoyed now and in the future.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and justice for all citizens. We seek to enhance human dignity by providing support for area citizens to participate actively in determining the course of their lives and the life of their community and by investing in the future of our communities through a permanent endowment.


The TVCF was established in September 2005. The TVCF’s Board is comprised of local citizens interested in promoting and enabling the many nonprofit organizations located in this community to further grow in providing services to the community through grants from our Foundation. Being a young foundation, our efforts were helped tremendously by Lincoln Electric who transferred $30,000 to TVCF from an account they had at the Montana Community Foundation. Their Board had the same goal as TVCF for these funds, to promote the growth of nonprofits in the Tobacco Valley.

Good Works

The TVCF provides grants to local organizations in the Tobacco Valley community.

How To Give

  • Donations can be sent:
    Montana Community Foundation
    FBO Tobacco Valley Community Foundation
    P.O. Box 1145
    Helena, MT 59624

How To Receive

Our grants are for use in the greater Tobacco Valley for nonprofit organizations, i.e., community services such as fire companies, ambulance services, after school programs, art and culture programs, et cetera. Our first grants were of $200 to $250 but as our funds grow, we are endeavoring to give $500 minimum grants to an organization.

Grants will be given yearly in August, with an application due date deadline of June 15. The minimum total grant amount awarded by TVCF will be $2,500 for 2007 and individual grants will be a minimum of $500.

For more information about grants or the Foundation, contact Bessie Pluid at

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