Grants Available to Benefit Rosebud, Custer, and Fallon Counties

April 14, 2023

The Montana Community Foundation, Inc. (MCF) announces the opening of the Community Investment Program (CIP), a grant program to support communities in Rosebud, Custer, and Fallon Counties.

CIP was established at MCF by Grid United, an independent transmission company that builds new long-distance, interregional transmission lines. CIP will support the three Montana counties where Grid United’s North Plains Connector – a transmission line connecting the U.S. eastern and western electric grids in Montana and North Dakota – will be located.

Grid United is dedicated to partnering with the neighboring communities for North Plains Connector; as a result, CIP funds will support innovative projects that enhance quality of life while strengthening communities in this corner of Eastern Montana.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Montana Community Foundation on the North Plains Connector Community Investment Program,” said Michael Skelly, Chief Executive Officer of Grid United.

“We aim to foster long-term partnerships with the communities in which we develop projects and look forward to helping address community needs in Rosebud, Custer, and Fallon Counties. Through input from local voices, the program hopes to fund innovative projects that enhance the quality of life in North Plains Connector communities.”

Grant applications will open on April 14, 2023, with deadlines on June 1, 2023, and November 1, 2023. Grants will be up to $50,000.

Applicants can apply online at and must be either a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or government entity. Individuals and for-profits are ineligible; however, individuals and for-profits may apply through a fiscal sponsor that is eligible.

Eligible projects must have a broad impact on the quality of life for a significant number of people in Rosebud, Custer, or Fallon County. Ineligible projects include religious, partisan, or sectarian programs along with one-time events that are not part of longer-term economic and community development goals. Grant requests will be reviewed by Community Advisory Committees in Rosebud, Custer, and Fallon Counties.

While grants must be used for projects benefiting communities in Rosebud, Custer, or Fallon County, the grantee organization does not need to be based within these areas. Only one application is allowed per organization.

“What an impactful gesture by Grid United to provide these funds through their new Community Investment Program in Rosebud, Custer, and Fallon Counties,” said Jim Atchison, Executive Director of Southeastern Montana Development Corporation and Community Advisory Committee member.

“These investments will truly reap sizable dividends within these rural communities.”

Learn more and apply here. Only online applications will be accepted.


About Grid United: Grid United is an independent transmission company aiming to modernize the United States’ power grid to create a more resilient and efficient electric system that uses the nation’s abundant and geographically diverse natural resources to the benefit of all consumers. For more information, visit

About North Plains Connector: The North Plains Connector is an approximately 385 mile and up to 525 kilovolt high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line connecting the U.S. eastern and western electric grids in Montana and North Dakota. The North Plains Connector will be open to all sources of electrical power generation and will be able to transport power in either direction along the line. For more information, visit