Foundation News

Our Commitment to Equity

June 01, 2020

Statement from Mary Rutherford, President & CEO, on equity and diversity

At MCF, we believe in creating better communities for all Montanans. We want to see our students succeed, help the most vulnerable among us, and continue the pursuit of equity in our state.

We also believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We are saddened by the recent events that have amplified the inequities and injustices against people of color in our country. We stand with our fellow Montanans and our fellow Americans in a call for change. We must do better.

Our goal at MCF is to be part of the solution. We recommit to our values of inclusion and collaboration and hope to demonstrate these through community impact. We will continue to lift up Montana communities through philanthropy and foster a fundamental respect for human dignity and equality for all people, regardless of their color, creed, or cause.

MCF has a history of being there for Montanans and we remain committed to doing so. We are no stranger to the disparities that face our state, especially in rural and tribal communities, and we join with our community partners in seeking solutions that create communities where everyone can thrive.