Fund Highlight

Partner Highlight: The Montana Environmental Information Center

January 11, 2022

MEIC works with people across Montana to protect the air, water, land, and life-sustaining climate.

The Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) is known throughout Montana and the West as a strong advocate for a constitutionally-protected “clean and healthful environment.” Founded in 1973, MEIC works across the state of Montana advocating for cleaner air, water, land, and a life-sustaining climate. We’re a voice at the State Legislature and a government watchdog. Our program staff wades deep into environmental policy and works to educate and motivate the public to take action. We work with organizations, Tribes, and government officials in pursuit of strong environmental protections.

MEIC was founded by Montanans concerned with protecting and restoring Montana’s natural environment. Thousands of Montanans support MEIC as members, whether through donations, expertise, or activism. When people have a question or issue about a natural resources project near their home, they can come to MEIC for advice.

For nearly 50 years, MEIC has racked up accomplishments and policy victories that will affect the environment for generations to come. MEIC has become “perhaps the most influential and active environmental organization in the state.” MEIC’s ability to work at the nexus of policy, advocacy, and community engagement has kept millions of tons of CO2 in the ground and protected rivers and lands from ill-conceived mining projects.

MEIC’s work happens on the ancestral homelands of the A’aninin (or Gros Ventre), Apsáalooke (or Crow), Anishanabe (or Chippewa), Little Shell Chippewa, the Ne Hiyawak (or Cree), the Michif Piyii (Métis), the Nimiipuu (or Nez Perce), the Niitsítpiis-stahkoii (Blackfeet), the Tsis tsis’tas (or Northern Cheyenne), the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakoda (or Sioux), the Séliš-Ql̓ispé (or Salish), and the Ktunaxa (or Kootenai) people. We are grateful for their stewardship of this place and acknowledge that our organization has more work to do to fully honor and respect their relationships to these lands.

MEIC relies on the work and support of its members. To learn more about our work, please read the latest issue of our quarterly magazine, Down to Earth.