Supporting Your Community in Perpetuity

March 25, 2024

By Jim Bennett, Gift & Estate Planning Director. Jim is located in Havre, Montana.

Who will take care of your community when you’re gone?

Who will support the organizations that keep our Montana communities vibrant? You’re not alone, many Montanans are working through these questions now. Formalizing these plans can often become overwhelming, which is why seven out of ten Montanans pass away without having a will or trust set in place.

According to the Montana Community Foundation’s Transfer of Wealth Study, in Montana, $37 billion is expected to be transferred to the next generation from 2020-2030. In Lewis and Clark County $2.7 billion is expected to transfer to the next generation. These numbers are a conservative estimate from a statewide survey that include values of real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts and family businesses.

What if there was a way to leverage this transfer of wealth to support your community forever? Partnering with organizations like the Montana Community Foundation makes this possible. Let’s use the county where the Montana capital is located – Lewis & Clark County. If 5% of the wealth transferred in Lewis and Clark County were to be endowed, it would generate roughly $6 million annually, forever, to provide reliable support to your community and the organizations that make it such a special place.

Estate planning requires the expertise of an attorney, accountant and a financial advisor. The Montana Community Foundation’s Philanthropy team can assist you in realizing the tax benefits of making endowment contributions during your lifetime and ways to build a philanthropic legacy after your passing. We work in concert with your professional advisors to ensure that your goals are met.

The Montana Community Foundation pairs donors with hundreds of nonprofit and local community foundation partners across Montana and beyond. These partnerships can include support for local organizations, scholarships for local students, or developing family funds offer multi-generational philanthropy.

You can take comfort in knowing that your gifts will be handled with the utmost care. Whether it be a gift of cash, real property, or naming MCF as a beneficiary of stock or retirement account, our team has the ability and the experience to assist with your contribution. Once the gift is received, the funds are responsibly invested and the proceeds from investment are distributed annually according to your wishes.

The Montana Community Foundation is here to support your charitable dreams. We provide unique philanthropic solutions, customized to your specific needs. Are you looking for a way to ensure that the organizations you love are supported forever? Call the Montana Community Foundation today at (406)443-8313 and let us help you formalize your legacy!

Transfer of Wealth Graphic