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May Infinity 2024

May 30, 2024

May 2024

Letter from Mary

Dear Friends

Since our founding in 1988, the Montana Community Foundation has been laser-focused on preserving wealth in Montana for the benefit of our great state. In 2022, the Montana Community Foundation commissioned our third study which revealed staggering information. The 2022 Transfer of Wealth Study concluded that $37 billion is poised to transition from one generation to the next by 2030. This monumental shift presents an unprecedented opportunity for us to dream about what’s possible. This is a tremendous opportunity for Montanans to think about our commitment to tomorrow.

What exactly does this mean for Montana? We are a state of abundance. Montana communities could thrive if a fraction of the wealth was left for the benefit of communities and causes we care about. If a mere 5% of the estimated $37 billion transfer were endowed, a monumental $1.85 billion could FOREVER fuel the aspirations of Montana's charitable organizations, schools, and communities. Montana communities and causes would have $83 million every single year forever.

Think about what matters to you. Housing? Food security? The arts? Animal Welfare? Education? Montana matters. Your interests matter and can use your help after you’re no longer here. We are here to help you and the causes you care about. When we all come together to share what we have for future generations, we collectively can do far more than any of us can do alone. What’s your commitment to tomorrow? 

Mary K. Rutherford
President and CEO


2023 Impact Report Coming Soon

Early next month the 2023 Montana Community Foundation Impact Report will land in mailboxes. Below is a teaser from the report. It is a part of the Legacy Society article, featuring Marcy and Dan McLean. Dan serves as Treasurer on the MCF Board.

Marcy and Dan McLean believe that to be part of a community is to contribute to it.

This belief is rooted in what they experienced growing up in Montana. Though Dan grew up in Anaconda and Marcy grew up in Wolf Point, they both witnessed their family and friends give their time and resources to benefit their communities.

When asked about their legacy, Marcy and Dan are quick to mention their parents. “We want our legacy to not only benefit Montana but to also honor our parents who taught us what generosity looks like. We want our giving to make a difference. It is not about the recognition. It is about the lasting impact.”


LCF Convenings: Two Down Two to Go

In March and April, we hosted the first and second LCF Convening and Rural Community Builder Summit in Havre and Forsyth! We had a great turnout with 5 LCFs and over 57 attendees from across the Hi-Line in Havre and 4 LCFs and over 40 attendees from across Eastern Montana in Forsyth. 

As a refresher, we are hosting these trainings in partnership with the Montana Nonprofit Association and MSU Extension Community Vitality in a different regional location each quarter. For each event, the first afternoon will be open to only community foundations, then the second day will be open to all nonprofits. We hope that other LCFs will be able to join us for the third LCF Convening on October 8 in tandem with the Montana Nonprofit Association’s Annual Conference.

If you have questions in the meantime, please reach out to Taylor at or (406) 603-4913.


Women's Foundation of Montana - 25th Anniversary 

This month, the Women’s Foundation of Montana started the celebration of its 25th anniversary in Helena at the Holter Museum of Art, uniting individuals and organizations to reminisce and plan ahead. 

Speakers included Rep. Mary Caferro, sharing WEEL's history and Sid Armstrong reflecting on MCF's role in founding WFM. The event also welcomed WFM Advisory Committee members Karen Latka and Ashlie Wise, and representatives from WFM grantees, highlighting their vital work supporting women and families. Grateful for community support, WFM reaffirms its commitment to championing women's rights and opportunities across Montana, aiming for a more just society.

One of the highlights from the evening was Rose Bender presenting findings from The Status of Montana Women report and WFM is thrilled to introduce this much-anticipated research.

We extend our gratitude to the researchers, advocates, and community members who contributed to this report. Together, let us continue our journey toward a Montana where every woman and girl can thrive and fulfill her highest potential.

Read The Status of Women in Montana: Advancing Policy for Economic Equity here

Sid Armstrong, Executive Director of the Montana Community Foundation when the Women’s Foundation of Montana (WFM) was created, received a hearty thank you from WFM Director, Kylie Gursky


2024 Investment Update

Investment update from Montana Community Foundation's (MCF) Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, Cambridge Associates. Learn more about how the assets in your fund are invested.

Download the presentation slides here.


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